Arctos Creme

We like to say that ArctosCreme was created as a result of a refusal to compromise. Years and years of experience in the food industry gave us a unique opportunity to gain a thorough understanding of the food producers' needs. We are not theorists - we know precisely which problems our clients and business partners face every single day.

Arctos was created because it was high time that we took advantage of our knowledge and provided an answer for the growing needs and expectations of the industry.

As ArctosCreme, we make it our goal to deliver the highest quality products at the best possible price. We do strive to be the best. We do want to be proud of the results. We do wish to be our clients’ first and most obvious choice.

Since we value your business and your precious time, we deliver the highest quality products and the best price, in the shortest possible time. Our ambition is to be the most innovative producer in Europe.
With us, you are guaranteed never to stay behind the competition!

How do we do it?

  • We use only the highest quality resources
  • We operate using the latest technology
  • We work with professionals of the highest order
  • We guarantee the best logistics solutions

The best of the best:

the best people
using the best technology
to create the best products

The people are most important - for us it is so much more than just a slogan. It is our everyday reality and practice. We cooperate exclusively with the best. We hire professionals with years of experience in the food industry, ensuring that they have the opportunity to work in the best possible conditions, allowing them to fully express their passion and knowledge.

At ArctosCreme we like what’s good and beautiful. We manage to see through what is obvious and find elegance where others do not look. We take care of what is not visible to clients’ eyes.

We understand that creating a product of the highest possible quality begins with the basics. We like to feel the quality at every step - in the office, the production plant, the warehouse, leaving nothing to chance. It is therefore that we use only the best technology from most renowned producers.

Our production is organised in line with a very important rule - we automate the simple tasks, so that our best people can focus on the more complicated challenges and keep full control of all processes. Due to a combination of automation and our employees' professional competence, we are able to guarantee complete homogeneity and unique quality of products.

We operate according to restrictive norms - in accordance with HACCP and ISO22000 requirements, which we develop to IFS standards.

We understand like no other company, that the final product is a sum of multiple key steps. It is therefore that we strive to deliver purely the best quality products for your business.

Not hesitant to take on a challenge, we never fail to deliver. If your firm is in need of a tailored product (ie. Kosher incl. Passover, halal, others) our professional team will be glad to help, no matter how complicated the task.



Certified Quality

We are constantly expanding!


Respect for the planet is deeply rooted in our company’s culture. As producers of many natural products, we make it our top priority to ensure that the wellbeing of our environment is maintained through sustainable business practices. Our aim is to provide the highest quality goods and services to our customers while simultaneously protecting the land that these goods come from. At Arctos Crème we are devoted to the message of minimizing waste and nowhere is this more evident than in our conversion of leftover material into animal feed as a way of giving back to nature. We are committed to continuously improving and aligning our business strategy with the sustainable message. We live in a time of constant global change but while some might view this change as an inconvenience, we view it as an opportunity to grow as an environmentally conscious company. The sustainable message is understood throughout our business and is deeply entrenched in our strategy as a company. Together we strive to make the mark we leave on this planet as small as possible.



We are constantly expanding our range of products.
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Catalog of Arctos/Nordzucker confectionery school
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Arctos Logistics

Based on a wealth of experience, we are able to meet not only the product expectations of our clients, but also face the logistical challenges.

Our Arctos Logistics department was created to keep up with the growing demands of customers looking for advanced solutions in the field of storage and transportation. We have over 7000m2 at our disposal.